our accomplishments

The below list describes some of our committee's past accomplishments.


  • The EHHS Student Lounge: The committee spearheaded the creation a student lounge in the basement of White Hall for students to relax, eat lunch and study between classes. The lounge is modern, technologically equipped and includes a microwave and refrigerator. The project was officially completed in May 2019.

  • Students with classes in, or near White Hall are encouraged to visit the lounge, store your lunch in the refrigerator or heat it up in our microwave. The lounge also includes a charging station, compatible with all phone types. This space is the perfect spot to kick back and relax on a busy day! 


  • Fireside Chats: The committee worked with faculty and staff members from the Dean's Office to facilitate the “Fireside Chats” program, which is a town hall-style event where the Dean and students in the college can talk one-on-one about issues their issues and concerns. Fireside Chats provide an excellent opportunity for students and the Dean to engage in meaningful dialogue about our college and give students a chance to provide opinions regarding the direction they wish to see it go in.

  • EHHS Staff Appreciation Program: This has gained approval by the Dean's Office to create the first-time ever College of Education, Health and Human Services Staff Appreciation Program.  As part of this program, three staff members will be selected each month to be honored as "Unsung Heroes of our College". Those who are chosen are presented with a unique gift, a certificate and have their picture displayed inside White Hall for an entire month.  The program is set to begin honoring staff members this fall. 

  • Suggestion Box​: The committee installed a suggestion box in White Hall for students to submit comments and suggestions they have for the college.